Whats up hot mamas?! Welcome to Mommy Mix up a mom blog where mommies mix it up. As a married mother of four in St. Augustine, FL, every day proves itself to be an adventure. When I’m not sharing the trials and tribulations of being a step mom to a 23 year-old, mothering from afar to my 19 year-old in college inTexas and keeping up with my 6 year-old daughter’s social life or my very handsome, yet busy 3 year old, I find to time to come her to rave, rant or share my fashion on a budget, or simply mix-it-up with other mommies in the struggle.

My hope is that mommymixup.com will be a place where we come to laugh, cry and sometimes curse together, as we share our trials and tribulations as mothers. But before you go, a few random facts about me:

I’m Amakeda, better known by my friends as Keda. Welcome to Mommy Mix Up.  Here we’ll share trials and tribulations, accomplishments, triumphs and all the stories that embody this phenomenon we call motherhood.  Think of it as a community where moms hangout and find comfort in knowing there’s no one way to be an amazing mom. I mean, lets face it, there’s no manual for motherhood, and until there is one, we’re all just winging it!

  • I came into motherhood the way many would look down upon. I was a 5-time statistic, confirming that my child and I were doomed.  A teen mother, from the inner-city, who dropped out of school and turned to state funding for support, not to mention a victim of domestic abuse. And while almost everyone I encountered saw this as the beginning of the end, I somehow managed to use the odds and the voices of the naysayers to overcome what many saw as a young life wasted. Here, I’ll share my journey of how I defied the odds, obtained a college degree, married, had more children and a successful career all while managing the mix ups of motherhood. My hope is that together our stories, concerns and small wins, will encourage other mothers all over the world to find comfort in knowing there’s no such thing as being the perfect mother. The title only means, at some point we’re all mixed up, but with a little faith and encouragement, we always come out on top.

I hope you enjoy!


Amakeda “Keda” Ponds

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