Why I’m Thankful – Mother’s Day

Family in front of a beautiful pink blossom tree. (Mother's Day)

Three generations of moms with kids in front of a tree. (Mother's Day)


As a mom, you wonder what your kids think about you, not that you care so much, but just out of pure curiosity. So this Mother’s Day, I wrote a poem for my mom, so she’d know exactly how I felt about her.

An ode to you on Mother’s Day

Planting flowers, fashion shows homemade outfits and tons of “NO’s”.

Red ink on homework papers.

Complaints of how you beeped me on my brand new pager.

Missing curfew, the perfect excuse, you can call her…”she’ll tell you too!”

Poetry and Harlem week, Karate class and lack of sleep.

Sleepovers, so VERY loud.

The birthday party where neighbors complained about the crowd.

Off to college, boy you’re proud.

“Mom I’m pregnant!” “No, not now!”

Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,

how you raised me, I’ll raise mine.

I watched you do it, full of grace and always with a smiling face.

You did your job and did it well

and there were times I gave you hell.

And for every memory that we’ve shared,

I always knew you cared.

Thank you mom,