Why I Trust My Husband’s Skin to Dove’s Men+Care Line

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Men’s Self-care is important Too

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I talk about self-care, if you don’t, – let’s just say, I’m a BIG advocate! Now that I’ve been blogging regularly, I tend to get blogger mail way more often, which has raised a few eyebrows in my house. Who can blame them, who doesn’t like to try out new complimentary products? So imagine the excitement when I told my hubby HE could open the new blogger mail from Influenster. Let’s just say, he was stoked! Can we say Men’s self-care?!Men's Self Care - Dove Mens+Care_1

For a guy who is already very meticulous about his hygiene and self-care, I knew Dove Men+Care had to come correct.

Like most, the first thing he did was admire the pewter packaging, then flipped the top to get a whiff of the new Extra Fresh scent body wash. He has a thing for body wash. Judging on how quickly he hopped in the shower, I can confirm he was pretty eager to put the new line to the test.Men's Self Care - Dove Mens+Care_2

All lathered up and basking in the fresh scent, I couldn’t help but hover, in hopes that I could catch a quick glimpse of approval. To my disbelief, someone else was already trying to get in on the action.Men's Self Care - Dove Mens+Care_3

Knowing how much I love a little quiet-time in the shower, coupled with being married for 10 years, I knew I had to leave him to shower in peace.

He shortly resurfaced, smelling good and smiling, with thumbs-up in approval. But anyone can make a good-smelling body wash, the true test was in the touch. Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The rest was history. If you don’t believe me, go out and grab some Dove Men+Care and see for yourself. He won’t be the only one happy.Men's Self Care - Dove Mens+Care_4

Let me know what you think. I’m here for it all! ☺

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