What to Wear for an Interview

Simple Style Tips for Working Moms Returning to Work 

While I’d like to think of myself as a stylish mom, I am no style expert. So I called in a friend and professional stylist Amerika B. of AmerikaBstyleme.com, to share some style tips to help guide us on what to wear for an interview and how to refresh your wardrobe when returning to work. If this has been a plaguing question for you, hold on to your fuzzy socks…youre in for a good lesson.

Amerika’s simple style tips will make deciding what to wear for an interview, easy. 

Reentering the workplace doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. You don’t have to stick to the basics and it’s ok to let your personality and your outfit stand out from the crowd. Get back into the swing of things, become familiar with the company dress code, and define your work style with these tips below!

Tips to be Interview Ready

Be prepared (at least a week ahead) and pick a statement-making, yet appropriate outfit, that is comfortable enough to sit and stand in. Try the entire outfit on, accessories and shoes included, to make sure it’s something you are absolutely confident and comfortable in.

Bonus Tip: Have a backup outfit because things (weather changes, spills, etc.) happen.

Ask a family member or friend to conduct a mock interview with you so that you can practice sitting, standing, and walking. An uncomfortable shirt where you have to tug at the sleeves or a dress that rises when you sit or walk isn’t very appealing. This will distract you, make you uncomfortable, and you’ll lose focus. 

A surefire interview look to seal any deal is a dress and blazer combo. A few of my go-to’s are sheath, a-line, and wrap dresses.

Three style options for what to wear on an interview. Pants and top, dress and blazer and slacks and button up.

If you aren’t fond of dresses, try wearing a printed blouse, colored slacks, and a blazer. Your style options are unlimited!

Three style ideas for what to wear on an interview.  Suit, jacket skirt and top and wrap dress.

Maximize your current wardrobe to help nail your interview or new job look

  • Make your suits work as separates! 
  • An all-black outfit is a safe-bet to look polished and put together.
  • On days when you don’t feel your best, grab your most comfortable pants and blouse but still make an effort with your shoes and accessories.
  • Plan at least three outfits for the week, on Sunday. 
  • Suit (For a day of meetings or a big presentation)
  • Dress (For a day when you’re running late and you need to look like you put forth effort)
  • Separates: blouse, blazer, pants, skirt, flats, or pumps (For options when you wake up and you’re unsure of your mood) 

Once you get your signature look down, figuring out what to wear for an interview or your first day at work will be a breeze. But the most important thing to remember is be confident and don’t for get to wear your most important accessory…a smile.

For more style tips or to book a style consultation head over to www.amerikabstyleme.com/services.

About Amerika B.

Amerika B. in white ruffle top and fitted leopard pants.

Amerika “Erika” Brooks is a fashion stylist and blogger who loves pizza, affordable fashion finds, and all things leopard.  A native of Miami, Florida, she found her calling of helping others become confident in what they wear and define their true style while working as a retail associate during her time at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. While quickly moving up the ranks from associate to manager, she moved back to Miami to continue her pursuit of a career in fashion and learn more about the industry. Amerika currently resides in Jacksonville, FL. You can learn more about Amerika at www.Amerikabstyleme.com.

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  1. Great tips! I’ve been working for myself for a while since my kids are young. I know one day I may have to start interviewing for myself again (hopefully not lol) these are great tips for us who are so far off.

    1. It’s funny how much things change in just a few years. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Thanks for sharing!

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