Why Creme of Nature’s holiday party is important to Local consumers

Cream of Nature display with products showcasing the new line for 2020
all white place setting that reads Creme of Nature
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Natural hair care is a big business, Creme of Nature knows local matters

I recently had the pleasure of attending an invite-only Holiday Party hosted by Creme of Nature, a Revlon subsidiary, who happens to have a hub here in Jacksonville, FL. I know right, who knew?!

A holiday party with all the trimmings

Orsay Jax Menu with green leaves in the background
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

The evening welcomed about 30 local influencers and content creators and was held at Orsay, a swank French cuisine restaurant located in Avondale, an eclectic area of downtown Jacksonville, FL. 

Woman sitting at place setting with candles and leaves as decoration
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

You know how they say first impression is lasting? Well the Creme of Nature crew did not disappoint. Upon arrival, guests were not only greeted with warm hugs and smiles but the quaint private room to the back of Orsay was delicately decorated by Talia Lee Fore. Natural foliage seemed to be the theme and how apropos for a group of women all rocking the latest natural styles, hosted by a premier brand in natural hair care. If the warm welcome wasn’t enough, the candle lit tables added just enough sparkle to each personalized acrylic place setting. From first site it was apparent a lot of thought went into creating an amazing experience for Jacksonville’s influencers. 

Mix and mingle with a jingle bell beat

Mingling set the tone for the event as women drifted in looking pleasantly surprised. It was clear many were unsure what the evening had in store. From the doorway you could hear high pitched screeches from people who hadn’t seen each other in quite some time, while others were laughing and reminiscing. In a sense, it was like an all-female family reunion and all the cousins were dressed to the nines. 

A spread fit for queens

An array of black women sitting together having a good time
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Let’s start where it counts…my stomach. I bet you’re wondering, what was on the menu. You know those movies where there are long beautifully set tables with food constantly being brought out, for what seems like non stop? Well, that’s what the Creme of Nature Holiday Party spread made me think of. Only thing missing were those handsome, strong greasy topless servers, for the single ladies of course.

 It started out with a great selection of drinks, my drink of choice was the French Pear Martini, sweet and strong.

Drink on place setting with candle and leaf decor
French Pear Martini: House infused pear vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, pear puree, pineapple juice and sparkling wine. Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

The starters ranged from an array of salads to a creamy lobster mac and cheese that was to die for.

Plated Lobster Mac & cheese
Lobster Mac & Cheese: Maine lobster, cavatappi pasta, garlic cream sauce, sauce mornay, roasted lobster reduction, fine herbs, gruyere and parmigiano reggianno.

For the main course I chose the Springer Mountain Farms Chicken, a juicy and flavorful chicken which paired nicely with my second round of French Pear.

Plated Springer Mountain Farms Chicken
Springer Mountain Farms Chicken: Seared breast, braised thigh and leg, fingerling potatoes, roasted shallot heirloom carrot roasted mushrooms and red wine poultry jus

The dessert menu offered, creme brulee, three ice cream flavors and three samples of sorbet. I opted for the sorbet…It’s a childhood favorite that still sparks nostalgia. 

Three flavors of sorbet

Women empowering women

Once most of us were settled in, we were introduced to an all-female-melanin-drippin staff, who again welcomed us and shared their role at Creme of Nature. We had the pleasure of meeting:

Teneya Gholston, Director of Marketing

African American Woman standing in front of leaf backdrop
Teneya Gholston, Director of Marketing, Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Jolorie Williams, VP of Marketing

African American Woman Standing in front of leafy backdrop
Jolorie Williams, VP of Marketing
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Abhyona Grant, Associate Brand Manager

African American woman standing in front of leafy backdrop
Abhyona Grant, Associate Brand Manager
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Christa Merix, Associate Brand Manager

African American woman standing in front of leafy backdrop
Christa Merix, Associate Brand Manager
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Seeing so many women, more specifically black women, in decision-making roles at such a renowned brand was empowering and further confirmed what I have been saying for some time, the Future IS Female! The Creme of Nature crew shared hints of what we could expect for the evening, as well as their appreciation for the work of content creators, more importantly, local content creators and introduced those influencers they work with regularly, including:

Patricia Grant Williams, Creme of Nature’s Education Expert and natural hair extraordinaire.

Patricia Grant Williams
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Traci Evans, fashionista and owner of Meow and Barks, an online boutique which also has one store in atlanta, and two in Jacksonville – San Marco and the Town Center. 

Patricia Grant Williams
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Ebony Lunsford, model, brand ambassador and influencer

Ebony Lunsford
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Nya Bryanna, actress, model and fitness enthusiast who’s ad with Creme of Nature just launched this year

Nya Bryanna
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Cricket Snell, model and content creator

Cricket Snell
Photo Courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Sara H. of Sarslovestyle , Celebrity Chef, Autism Advocate and Personal Trainer

Sara Hood
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

So why should all of this matter to you?

If you live in Jacksonville, FL or a town like it, you know that like most places, word travels fast. As you know that can be good or bad. More importantly, often times smaller cities get overlooked for big opportunities. But if you’re like me and most of the women I know, whether you’re into makeup or natural hair care, you find yourself watching hours of YouTube videos on which products to use and how to use them. Gone are the days of brands relying solely on commercials and ads to gain buyers. Now, most of us, the consumers, want to get insight from someone who is relatable and actually using the product. Add another layer, let’s say where you live, in this case Jacksonville, and you’ll see how influential that can be on the buying process. So it’s nice to see that Revlon and Creme of Nature get that. 

Not only do they get it, they know and appreciate it, which was clear when they used the evening to let us in on a little secret. Shh…come a little closer and I’ll let you in on it too. Just when I was finally settling in on that fresh, fabulous and sweet smelling Pure Honey line, here they go with yet another sure to be fav I’m sure all naturalistas will fall in love with. It has all the makings of a true hairgasm. It’s not so standard Creme of Nature packaging, refreshing smell and restoration properties have me biting my tongue and twirling my hair. (Oh wait…gotta remember to keep my hands out of my hair) Anyway, because I was sworn to secrecy, you’ll have to wait till January for the official unveiling to get your hands and hair on this new, new, but trust, it’s worth the wait. 

New Creme of Nature products
Photo courtesy of Felicia V Photography

Dripping Swag goo

Like most great things, the night started to wind down and come to an end. We shared laughs, advice, words of encouragement and of course a lot of black girl magic. But the Creme of Nature Crew didn’t let us leave without sending us off with tons of goodies including full size bottles of the new release line slated for January. It’s one of the perks that typically come with the job of influencers and content creators. 

The Creme of Nature Holiday Party celebrated local influencers across Jacksonville, FL and we are here for it all. If you’re as eager as I am to try the new line, be sure to keep your eyes peeled. You can find it in Walmart, Target and your favorite beauty supply stores.

If you’re a die hard Creme of Nature naturalista, tell me which line is your favorite and why. If not, isn’t time you joined the ranks? Will you check out the new line?

Be sure to comment below. 


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